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In this course we will be showing you what is gas-lift, what are the fundamentals of gas-lift that are important for you to know before taking on the challenge of implementing gas-lift and what are the things you will require in your journey of implementing gas-lift.


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Gas-Lift Fundamentals

This course is designed for petroleum engineer students, graduates who generally have an interest or passion for gas-lift, and oil and gas engineers and technicians who are operating gas-lifted wells and gas-lift system. This course will help them develop an understanding in the fundamentals of gas-lift and have the essential knowledge to start implementing gas-lift in an oil field.

Introduction to Well Completion

This module is intended to insist the engineer in finding his way through the selection process with the myriad of potential completion designs that an engineer may come across in his career.At the end of this module, you should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the functions of each part of a completion and the information in the module should help you to evaluate in terms of equipment.

Production Technologist - 32+ years of industry experience. Former Head of Petroleum Engineering and Production Technology Advisor across all of Petrofac Malaysia assets, including PSC and RSC projects. Former Head of Well Technology, Talisman Malaysia. Technical Authority for wells, short term forecasting, Well Delivery Process development, and engineer competency assessment. Leading near field appraisal activities including reserves assessment, concept development, and economic screening.

Graeme Rae

Petroleum Engineer and Production Technologist


Insightful Learning Experience

"It is a great fundamentals course on Gas Lift. A good refresher for oil and gas freshies and insightful for engineers who intend to explore the oil and gas industry. "

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineer

Just the length and content

"The content provided enough details for a person to understand gas lift explanation and the length of the course is not too long which might result in loss of attention. Slides and diagrams are good. Course providers should be less monotonous."

Operation Engineer

Co-founder at Company

Excellent Learning Tool.

"An excellent learning tool for graduate engineers and students seeking basic production engineering knowledge"

Petroleum Engineer

Co-founder at Company


Certified member of CPDUK

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